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Cannabidiol—CBD—is a cannabis compound that has significant medical benefits without any of the “stoned” side effects and can actually counteract the psychoactivity of THC. The fact that CBD is non psychedelic makes it a fantastic option for many whom are looking for natural routes to help with a host of issues including anxiety, insomnia, pain and inflammation, to name a few.

The endocannabinoid system is one of the most important systems that regulate the processes in our body. It’s made up out of millions of receptors in CBD Cannabis Milkour brain and nervous system. This is why CBD can successfully impact your mood, sleep, pain, anxiety, hormone regulation and immune response.

Relax Mylk [£7.4] (72hr shelf life. London delivery ONLY) – This was our first CBD product which has received high praise from publications such as the Metro click here to read article. This dairy free, almond hemp based mylk was designed to help ‘relax’ busy Londoners as well as tasting like an indulgent milkshake. Below you can read various articles about “Relax.” As this is a fresh, unpasteurised product, we are unable to deliver this drink outside of the London area.

Dream [£4.75](Available Nationwide) – This shot was designed to induce deep sleep using incredibly powerful plants such as passionflower, mugwort and tulsi. Importantly, we also have cannabis essential oil as well as CBD in this shot. Unlike “Relax”, “Dream” has a much longer shelf life and can be shipped nationwide. Place order: orders@rawligion.co.uk

All natural sleep tonic

Dream shots, the perfect sleep tonic.

CBD Oil [£149.99] (Available Nationwide) – Due to incredibly high demand we are now selling the CBD extract which we use in our tried and tested products. Each 10ml bottle contains 2000mg of CBD, at a 20% extract. The taste is a bitter, dark earthy flavour. Each bottle comes with a pipette, and each drop should be savoured as it is incredibly powerful! This product is ideal for those with more long term issues and require multiple doses.  Place order: orders@rawligion.co.uk

CBD Chocolates [19.99](Available Nationwide) – Rawligion’s gourmet, bean to bar chocolates infused with high potency CBD make for an excellent treat at the end of a hard day. Combining CBD with raw cacao is a powerful combination due to the potentiating effects of the fat and theobromine present in cacao, which is the perfect delivery vehicle for CBD into the body.  Place order: orders@rawligion.co.uk

**We currently only take payment for CBD products (Dream, CBD Oil, CBD Chocolates) over the phone during business hours (07.30 – 19.00 British Time) or via bank transfer. If you would like to pre-order any of these items please contact us on orders@rawligion.co.uk. Once cleared funds have been received Rawligion will post the products which typically take 2-5 working days to arrive. If paying via bank transfer please send screenshot of payment confirmation in order to expedite shipping.**

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What makes Rawligion’s CBD so great?

All Rawligion CBD products are from pure, chemical-free and premium strains of High CBD Hemp Plants.

To ensure the highest quality CBD we only use extracts that are farmed without any exposure to harmful and harsh chemicals like herbicides and pesticides.

Rawligion’s CBD oil is made from a unique extraction process that has the ability to reliably replicate the natural and balanced phytochemical profile of any original hemp cultivars. We also use a medical grade CO2 as part of our super-critical oil extraction process. It is the most safe and environmentally-friendly extraction method available today.

All the raw materials and extracts used are vigorously tested by independent third party Labs for quality and purity assurance through every step of the extraction process.

We use high quality hemp extracts that offer a broad array of cannabinoids and other natural-molecules, found only in high CBD Hemp Plants and not in mass produced CBD oil products. Our product is rich in hemp flavour, freshly prepared and contains natural preservatives.

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